New Hot Sauce

I decanted Nick’s ferment this afternoon and added some pure tomato juice, salt, and vinegar. I wanted to test using juice to help with consistency and it works pretty well. The resulting sauce is funky and fiery on the back end mostly.

One Done, One Begun

I decanted the Pequin/Serrano ferment into a blend of tomatillos, garlic, and white wine vinegar. The result is bright and citrusy, with a complex pepper flavor, and heat across the mid-tongue and cheek that grows before subsiding to a warm glow. It’s one of my favorites, so far.

And with it done and in the refrigerator, I began a fairly simple garlic and dill kraut, trying out the vacuum bag method with kraut for the first time. My wife wanted a batch that wasn’t filled with peppers, so this was for her.

Fermented Pepper Sauce

The 8/13 batch of my fermented peppers, which were a mix of cayenne, pequin, jalapeno, and a few others is done. I opened the bag to a funky delicious whiff, added a couple of cans of El Pato, my favorite tomato sauce, and the juice of a lemon. Blended the whole thing up, added a little salt, and viola, three bottles of a funky, intensely hot sauce. It’s thick, and I could easily add vinegar to make a more traditional hot sauce, but I like it thick.