Fall Garden Update

I’ve been so inundated with peppers, I haven’t sat down to do a garden update in awhile. Since I currently have nothing but peppers in the ground, it’s mostly going to be pictures. My early season peppers are exploding with fruit, and the experimental late season peppers I’m doing — probably only possible in a post-climate catastrophe Texas or Florida — are growing well.

They’re an experiment because peppers usually are dying out as the fall comes on, but over the last couple years our falls and winters have gotten warmer, with just a few days cold enough to kill plants before January. Which means there’s technically a window in which one could grow peppers. So I’m giving it a try. They went in in September, like ordinary Fall transplants. As you’ll see, some are already flowering.

This is the front bed. Aji Ricos on the row furthest left, Yellow Bell Peppers in the middle, and some Jalapenos on the right.
You can see here that the Yellow Bells have flowers already. The Aji Ricos do as well.
In the back yard we have Serranos…
Habaneros and Mexibelles…
and Poblanos all doing well.

All in all, the garden is looking great and I have more peppers than I know what to do with. I’ll keep making sauce and I guess freezing some for later. I suppose in the spring I’ll pull some of these and replace them with other crops.