New Hot Sauce

I decanted Nick’s ferment this afternoon and added some pure tomato juice, salt, and vinegar. I wanted to test using juice to help with consistency and it works pretty well. The resulting sauce is funky and fiery on the back end mostly.

Cayenne Keeps Coming

Another batch I started fermenting today. I have three batches of peppers and two of sauerkraut going. This is mostly cayenne and pequin with some serrano and a random habanero.

Soon there will be many habaneros. The weather finally broke, and I counted about thirty out back, and I have two plants out front putting on flowers.

And that’s before the new peppers go in.

Chipotle Kraut

I thought I’d try a seasoned sauerkraut. So I’ve added chipotle chili powder to the cabbage, salt, garden peppers, and garlic. Also pictured, the garlic and dill kraut is happily generating gas in its bag.

One Done, One Begun

I decanted the Pequin/Serrano ferment into a blend of tomatillos, garlic, and white wine vinegar. The result is bright and citrusy, with a complex pepper flavor, and heat across the mid-tongue and cheek that grows before subsiding to a warm glow. It’s one of my favorites, so far.

And with it done and in the refrigerator, I began a fairly simple garlic and dill kraut, trying out the vacuum bag method with kraut for the first time. My wife wanted a batch that wasn’t filled with peppers, so this was for her.

Another Ferment

My nephew Nick liked the look of the last batch of hot sauce and asked for some more. Because I make sauce from my garden peppers, I usually make it from whatever is putting out fruit. Right now that’s the unstoppable fruit machine, the pequin, along with the steady cayenne, some red jalapenos and mexibelles, and a few tabasco.

The pequin/serrano sauce is just about ready. I’m going to add tomatillos when groceries come in tomorrow.

Fermented Pepper Sauce

The 8/13 batch of my fermented peppers, which were a mix of cayenne, pequin, jalapeno, and a few others is done. I opened the bag to a funky delicious whiff, added a couple of cans of El Pato, my favorite tomato sauce, and the juice of a lemon. Blended the whole thing up, added a little salt, and viola, three bottles of a funky, intensely hot sauce. It’s thick, and I could easily add vinegar to make a more traditional hot sauce, but I like it thick.

Pepper Fermenting

I had a bunch of peppers, so I decided to do a mixed mash ferment. Just peppers and salt, but the varieties are: Pequin(about 50), Serrano, Habanero, Cayenne, Jalapeño, Tabasco, Poinsettia, and Mexibelles. It’s going to be hot and flavorful.