3 thoughts on “#1000WordsofSummer – Day 2

  1. Sad, indeed…but, as usual, so much said without being said. A perfect example in many ways of the old “show, don’t tell,” suggestion. Why tell us what the narrator wouldn’t know when the kitchen says all you need…and makes it so friggin’ heartbreaking.

    I admire how you can knock stories out, just like that. I know this isn’t like The Black Blitz, in which you were a horror/dark fiction-producing machine for a month, but for not writing in a long time, very cool that you’re still able to just tell a good story.

    All the best with Day Three!


  2. Yes it was sad… but such a good read, too! Having worked in social services for many years, my heart just ached with both the man inside himself as well as the good Samaritan who stopped to help! I really liked it and it kept me wanting to read on! Thank you!


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