Chipotle Kraut

I thought I’d try a seasoned sauerkraut. So I’ve added chipotle chili powder to the cabbage, salt, garden peppers, and garlic. Also pictured, the garlic and dill kraut is happily generating gas in its bag.

One Done, One Begun

I decanted the Pequin/Serrano ferment into a blend of tomatillos, garlic, and white wine vinegar. The result is bright and citrusy, with a complex pepper flavor, and heat across the mid-tongue and cheek that grows before subsiding to a warm glow. It’s one of my favorites, so far.

And with it done and in the refrigerator, I began a fairly simple garlic and dill kraut, trying out the vacuum bag method with kraut for the first time. My wife wanted a batch that wasn’t filled with peppers, so this was for her.

Another Ferment

My nephew Nick liked the look of the last batch of hot sauce and asked for some more. Because I make sauce from my garden peppers, I usually make it from whatever is putting out fruit. Right now that’s the unstoppable fruit machine, the pequin, along with the steady cayenne, some red jalapenos and mexibelles, and a few tabasco.

The pequin/serrano sauce is just about ready. I’m going to add tomatillos when groceries come in tomorrow.

Fermented Pepper Sauce

The 8/13 batch of my fermented peppers, which were a mix of cayenne, pequin, jalapeno, and a few others is done. I opened the bag to a funky delicious whiff, added a couple of cans of El Pato, my favorite tomato sauce, and the juice of a lemon. Blended the whole thing up, added a little salt, and viola, three bottles of a funky, intensely hot sauce. It’s thick, and I could easily add vinegar to make a more traditional hot sauce, but I like it thick.

Summer Lovin

I moved some of my grow bags into the stone circle to keep them safe from some intensive yard work I’m planning. My cucumbers are doing pretty well for the height of summer. They should be ready to pump out cukes when it get cool enough.

Hey, hey, It’s Depression

While my meds work pretty well, they are not magic. And every once in awhile, the waves of my bipolar disorder swamp the boat of my mood stabilizer, as it were.

And that happened three days ago, and it derailed my writing momentum pretty hard, as well as my workout, which I had managed not to miss a single one of (although I did day shift a few times) until this week.

I was about 1100 words into a teenage romance mystery (Hi, Chris!) and it’s still sitting there on my screen, in the same spot.

The good part is I think the tide is mostly on its way out again. I hope so, because it was rough this time. It’s been a long time since it took me off my feet.

I managed to keep the crops watered, my head on, and wasn’t an asshole to my wife, so really, best case scenario, given the realities. And I didn’t eat that box of donuts I almost went out and bought Friday morning.